About Us


We believe in the promotion of traditional values coupled with progressive thinking. Our small class sizes help us to recognise and realise each student’s potential. We encourage all students to grow into balanced, confident and responsibile citizens of the world. Our objective is, to the best of our ability to provide students with the stimulus, environment, guidance and the opportunity to blossom.

In striving to lay the foundation of lifelong learning we are enabling your child to:

  • Develop responsibility and care for humanity and the environment
  • Foster a commitment to strong principlies and values
  • Provide diverse learning experiences
  • Nurture the skills and confidence needed for effective service and leadership
  • Develop a global perspective on society and the environment
  • Promote pluralism and celebrate diversity

At Blouberg International School we see the entire programme of a school – the curriculum, daily routines, discipline, social life and extra-curriculur activities – as merely a vehicle through which our young students can be trained to take charge of their lives, raise their sights and graps the central principles of life.


Our school offers classes from Pre-Reception (the year your child turns 4 before the 30th June of that year), to Year 12.

Our school offers a Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 (Junior School), Key Stage 2 (Senior Primary) and Key Stage 3 and 4 (Senior/High School), which will lead to the internationally recognised qualifications, IGCSE (the old “O” level), AS and A levels (an optional Year 13).

Ms Edna Carolissen


Blouberg International